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After serving faithfully as an Assistant Pastor of the House of God Church-The Church of the Living God, located on 135 Belmont Street, Burlington, NJ, the Lord led Reverend Franklin D. Washington and eight others to establish a new ministry, incorporated as the House of God Church (Neutral) on October 13, 1972.

The vision of the new established church was to uphold the Biblical standard of holiness, to insure scriptural rights of all members, to provide a functional atmosphere that would be conducive to the edification, growth, and maturity of the members so that God would be glorified in all areas of each member's life. The theme scriptures for the new church was Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me," and Hebrews 13:1, "Let brotherly love continue."

On March 5, 1972, these nine members, Reverend Franklin D. Washington and wife, Lucinda Washington of Burlington, NJ, Jerry Allgood and wife, Frances Allgood of Edgewater Park, NJ, Donald McRae and wife, Roberta McRae of Edgewater Park, NJ, Nettie Caldwell of Burlington, NJ, Vickie Nixon of Burlington, NJ, and Sam D. Caldwell of Burlington, NJ , held their first worship service at the home of Reverend Franklin D. Washington (Pastor and Founder), 38 Dunbar Homes, Burlington, NJ.

On August 16, 1972, the House of God Church (Neutral) purchased a church building located at 58 S. Bridgeboro Street, Delran, NJ, and a parsonage at 60 S. Bridgeboro Street, Delran, NJ. The property was built in 1845 and owned by The Methodist Episcopal Church at Bridgeboro. This same property was later owned by First United Methodist Church in 1868 and remained in their possession until September 8, 1972. The first service of the House of God Church was held, prior to settlement, on August 20, 1972. The original church officers were Deacon Jerry Allgood of Edgewater Park, NJ, Deacon Donald McRae of Edgewater Park, NJ, Deacon Arnold Dix of Philadelphia, PA, Deacon Sammie Dix of Philadelphia, PA, Deaconess and Secretary Roberta McRae of Edgewater Park, NJ, Deaconess Frances Allgood of Edgewater Park, NJ, and Deaconess Nettie Caldwell of Burlington, NJ. The Lord immediately added new souls to the church. As the ministry developed, the membership increased.

On June 21, 1995, Franklin D. Washington was installed as "Bishop" by the late Bishop Alphonso Jackson in New Bern, NC. On September 7, 1997, Sam D. Caldwell, one of the chartered members, was ordained as Minister of the Gospel. His earlier ministry involvement includes serving as Usher, Youth Director, Teacher, Christian Education Director, and Deacon. Several years later, he was installed as Assistant Pastor by Bishop Franklin D. Washington. His devotion and faithful service to God and the people of God instilled discipline and leadership qualities that prepared him for his assignment as Assistant Pastor.

In March 2004, Bishop Washington, after serving as Pastor of the House of God (Neutral) for 32 years, announced his retirement. He informed the church board and the congregation that the Lord had appointed Sam D. Caldwell to take the church to the next level. Bishop Washington currently resides in Locust, North Carolina and serves as Bishop Emeritus of the House of God Church.

Sam D. Caldwell was installed as Pastor on June 13, 2004. His God-given mandate was to mobilize the House of God Church for the next level of ministry. The new vision is holistic in nature and involves three key components: Discipleship, Body Ministry, and Evangelism.

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Our mission is to "Disciple Believers for Effective Body Ministry and Community Outreach."